Apps for Smart Watches
Going a step ahead of the Smart Phones, Smart Watches are the most talked about technology everywhere right now, bringing wearable computing to your wrists. Smart Watches bring you the personal assistant who is right by you at all times. Many of them run mobile apps, while a number of models run an operating system and function as portable media players. Multiple manufacturers have launched Smart Watches like Pebble, Galaxy Gear, and I’m watch to name a few.

Smart watches are connecting people in new and different ways, changing the way we live and helping drive the IoE (Internet of Everything). One of the key things to notice here is that technology is getting faster, smaller and cheaper, and more powerful every day. Right now we see that smart watches are communicating with smart phones to perform multiple tasks. But as the technology progresses, we know that most of the capabilities of a smart phone can be condensed to fit into a smart watch. We can safely assume that the day is not far when smart watches might completely replace smart phones.
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps to make calls and answer right on your wrist
  • Apps to check messages and other notifications without interruptions in your current activity
  • Apps to bring up the application you wish using voice commands
  • Apps to take quick snapshots and create lasting memories
  • Apps to create memos just by speaking to your watch
  • Apps to check weather or control media right from your wrist
  • Apps to use voice commands and make your automobile come to you
  • and more...
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