Apps for Smart TVs
Smart TVs describe a trend of integration of the internet and Web 2.0 features into televisions. They bring about a technological convergence between computers and television. The Smart TVs have a higher focus on online interactive media, over the top content, on-demand streaming, and home networking. These allow the viewers to search and find videos, movies, photos, and other content on the internet, local cable TV channel, satellite TV channel, or on local storage devices.

Smart TVs today allows us to engage rather than just view the media. It allows for multiple formats of media like music, photos, and videos to be played and makes the whole experience more interactive. Access any information through apps, interact with the TV by voice, multiple apps to access the desired media, and also stay connected with friends, all at one place.
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps to browse and search for movies, videos, and other media while watching a video
  • Apps for Chromecast
  • Apps to browse and check what friends are watching
  • Apps to train the TV to show what you like
  • Apps to browse through different channels just by hand gestures
  • Apps to stay connected with friends
  • and more...
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