Apps for Smart Phones
With the Evolution of Smart Phones the world of technology opened up to a wide variety of applications. Applications that run on multiple different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Bada, and Blackberry OS have made life very easy with the access of information at your fingertips. At the same time developing apps for different platforms and different devices is a challenge. The issues that come up while creating interfaces for smartphones and mobile phones are not merely restricted to the appearance of the app on the screen, the functionality and performance of the app become equally important. For instance the interface for a non-touchscreen phone is very different from that of a touchscreen phone. As mobile devices run on battery and have less powerful processors than personal computers, considering these constraints during development is very important.

As the name suggests, smart phones possess smarter capabilities than mobile phones providing then additional, now essential functions like web browsing, multimedia, entertainment, games, productivity, and much more. The future to this world seems endless. Any idea that was once thought to be near to impossible can be brought into implementation with ease. In future we can expect smart phones to have features like flexible screens or even flexible phones, augmented reality, in-built projector, seamless voice control, and 3D screens and holograms to name a few.
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps for faculty and students in academics
  • Apps for professionals to stay connected in businesses
  • Apps for Doctors and patients to share information
  • Apps to locate missing or lost persons
  • Apps for rescue operations
  • and more...
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