Apps for Smart Glasses
Smart Glasses are one of the latest innovations that will amaze you even more than the smart watch. Smart Glasses bring to you the personal assistant who is proactive, rather than reactive. Gorgeous hardware is of little use unless coupled with brilliant software. With Google coming up with Google Glass and GlassUp with their own version, wearable computing devices which are predicted to revolutionize the computing industry, the app world is wide open to ideas. Smart Glasses make it possible to have computing capabilities within the range of normal vision, thus making it even more easier to engage in conversations and social activities without causing distractions of having to look at the cell phone every time there is a vibration or a beep. Many such apps can be created that will make it more usable as an auxiliary device that communicate with the phone.

Like smart watches, smart glasses also fall into the same category of wearable computing, with similar, or possibly more capabilities. Another innovative way of connecting people, making concepts like augmented reality very easy to implement. For instance two people who do not understand the same language will be able to communicate by making use of translators in real-time. Again changing the way we live by helping drive IoE (Internet of Everything).
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps to take pictures or record video hands free
  • Apps to have driving directions right in range of your normal vision
  • Apps to convert speech to text and send messages
  • Apps to retrieve information like email, texts, tweets, Facebook messages, etc without getting your phone out
  • Apps to check on important appointments on the go
  • and more...
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