Apps for Smart Bands
Smart bands track your daily activity right from your morning workout to a good night’s sleep. They are designed to measure the whole body movement. They take a universal approach towards a healthy lifestyle by tracking movements as well as sleep. There are applications available and can be created based on what you want to track or analyze from your movements such as heart rate, blood pressure, intensity of activity, sleep patterns, etc.

This can be very handy in determining the health of a person. In future we can expect the bands themselves to track the health in order that they can be well monitored. In case of emergencies, the bands, sensing the health of the person, coupled with an app can alert the right people about the emergency, so that immediate and right help can be availed.
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps to track daily activities and movements and determine the level of activity
  • Apps to determine how well you sleep
  • Apps to monitor heart rate
  • Apps to monitor your blood pressure
  • Apps to stay connected with the right sources in case of an emergency
  • and more...
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