Apps for Smart Appliances
Smart Appliances are homes in which all the electrical devices are connected to each other and to a central controlling unit through a network. Every device or appliance can be controlled through the central unit. Control of lights, entertainment systems, security systems, personalization of appliances are a few things that can be accomplished in Smart Appliances. With Smart Appliances you will stop worrying as to if you closed the door, set security alarm, or if you left the lights on, or even if you want to know how the kids are doing at home. The Smart Appliances can even detect your mood to turn on the right kind of music or turn up or dim the lights to your liking. And all these can be accomplished manually by a single personal controller. Through the integration of information technologies with home environment, systems and appliances are able to communicate in an integrated manner, resulting in convenience, energy efficiency and safety benefits.

Smart Appliances are equipped with the latest technology in motion sensing, result of which you can turn on the any electrical appliance at any place without even having to be near it, set your lights to come on at any time, or personalize the intensity of light for various timings of the day.
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps to turn on your favorite music just by walking in
  • Apps to personalize the thermostat to adjust the temperature
  • Apps to turn lights on, off, adjust the intensity, or change the color without operating the switch
  • Apps to program the security system
  • Apps to check on kids as to how they are doing at home
  • Apps to automate any appliance like light up the fireplace
  • Apps to add customizations related to operations of doors, windows, etc.
and more...
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