App Feasibility
App feasibility refers to an unbiased evaluation of the app idea, to determine whether the app idea is worth pursuing. It basically avoids any surprises during the course of app development or launch. Adiam will determine the feasibility of your app idea by going through a series of steps based on factors like Technical, Information, Financial, Market, and Operational feasibility. Tell us your idea and we will quickly identify the possibilities for utilizing the latest design and functionality concepts for an app idea to increase the potential for user engagement, monetization and marketing, adding value to the whole project.
App Strategy
An app strategy incorporates a system of software as well as the application that applies to the mobile device and executes a program designed to facilitate a particular function. This creates anĀ engaging and productive experienceĀ for the end user, resulting in the company meeting the objectives. Adiam goes about deciding the best strategy for your app idea by collaborating to identify different initiatives, diligently researching, and defining app scalability based on various parameters like device proliferation, voice input over touch, evolving interfaces (Heads-up interface), and adaptive UIs.
App Prototyping
App prototyping refers to the activity of creating incomplete but functional apps which include some key features and of the app being developed. The prototype basically simulates a few aspects of the final product, but may be completely different from it. Adiam can help you create prototypes for your app ideas, which in turn will help you receive valuable feedback early on in the project, check on the adherence to app specification, gain insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates and check whether the milestones and deadlines can be met.
App Design
App design does not necessarily refer to just the look and feel of the app. It refers to the look and feel of app and also the interaction between the app and the user. User interface and experience is key to developing world class apps. At Adiam we go about designing the app with an assessment of tasks such as extracting necessary information from app specification document, understanding the details, analyze app audience, analyze app feasibility, compose use cases and explore other devices so that the user experience stays uniform despite different devices.
App Development
With an increasing number of both mobile devices and potential applications, Adiam aims at overcoming obstacles through the use of best practices. Though application development is a vibrant branch, full of opportunities, it is full of challenges. The development can be accomplished by using native development tools for each of the major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. or cross-platform environments. Adiam accommodates all possible scenarios through the choice of development environments available, their pros and cons, and the best practices that gives the app a better chance to achieve success.
App Testing
Adiam performs extensive testing considering various devices and operating system variants. During app testing along with the variability in device hardware, there are several nuances such as wireless switching, VPN drop/restarts, walk away, switching between apps that need to be addressed for a good user experience. And since it is mobile, test scenarios are not only executed on emulators, but also on actual devices to identify any bottlenecks due to network connectivity (3G/4G/WiFi/Offline) or device hardware (Memory/Processor).
App Documentation
In mobile devices navigating between different apps is more complicated than in desktop computers, thus making documentation key to understanding concepts like app usage, troubleshooting the app, manage app settings. At Adiam we go about creating documentation keeping in mind that documentation is also helpful for higher level application users or designers. These pieces of documentation can help show how the application was created, how it works, and how it can be manipulated and extended to provide different functions.
App Deployment
App deployment is a key stage. Adiam will do the app deployment for you, whether it is a single platform or multiple application distribution platforms. Adiam helps you deploy app while solving some key issues like System Issues such as scalability, security, available system configuration, Administrative Issues such as device provisioning (data center Vs. self-service), and Device management (application and data installation and update, remote diagnostics and repair, remote lockdown), and Usage policy and training.
App Maintenance
App maintenance is a very important and necessary to keep up with the rapidly evolving market of mobile technologies. A good app is always followed by update releases addressing bugs and crashes. If well managed, it can actually even be an advantage since regularly maintained app shows the users that the developer is investing heavily into the app, which the users will appreciate. Updates have to be based on new features and upgrades, application porting across all platforms, support for multiple device, etc. Adiam has the skills, vision and experience to make the app maintenance smooth for you.
App Updates
Adiam will help you envision how an app will evolve with time. Plan for evolution in the user interface, meaning that you will probably want to leave some room in the user interface or plan a recurring budget for application design instead of doing it in a one-shot manner. Since updates are easy to deploy, it is also more acceptable to deliver features progressively, instead of trying to deliver them all at once. This will substantially lower the costs by helping you understand the feedbacks for previous releases and including the changes in consecutive releases.
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