Apps for In-Car System
In Car Systems is a technology that merges with automobile so as to change the way you drive by making technology of a car safer, faster and more intuitive. With a vision to make the connection between all mobile devices and car systems seamless. Now one can access all mobile services while driving without disrupting focus on the road. Hear or compose text messages, dial the phone number or pick up a call, add reminders, play music, use maps to get directions and much more without taking hands off the wheel.

In future we can see automobiles transforming into ultimate mobile computing environments. We create apps for you that makes you feel connected to your smartphone the moment you step inside your car.
How Adiam can help you?
  • Apps to locate car
  • Apps to check fuel consumption statistics
  • Apps for location-specific discounts which also gives turn-by-turn directions to get to the destination
  • Apps to get a tailored newscast in which the user only hears the stories or topics of most interest
  • Apps to transfer e-invites and calendar items directly to the car, which would then direct the user to destination with turn-by-turn instructions
  • and more...
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